If I weren’t already obscure enough, I also run a gopher server.

If you are already familiar with gopher, you can access the content there best by using the terminal web/gopher browser, lynx. Simply type this into a terminal:

lynx gopher://gopher.lottalinuxlinks.com:70

Or if you already have the overbite browser extension installed you can just click here: gopher://gopher.lottalinuxlinks.com:70.

You can also open it in a GUI web browser (via the floodgap gopher proxy) here: gopher://gopher.lottalinuxlinks.com:70

If you aren’t familiar with gopher, read on:

But what is gopher and why is gopher still relevant? Gopher is fast, it’s hierarchical, it’s simple to process, it’s simple to navigate with its largely text-based menu/folder model, it has no ads, it is private and does not track you, and a it’s great way to serve documents and files.

It is also sort of obscure and mostly not supported by modern web clients.

Gopherholes (gopher sites) are best explored from the command line using the lynx browser. Lynx is in your distro’s package repo just waiting there for you to install it. .

Here is the lynx browser user’s guide.

You can find a list of ways to access gopher sites, and download the overbite firefox browser extension at: The Overbite Project.

You can also view gopher sites with the: Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy