Welcome to the lottalinuxlinks.com linux user web blog.

I have run an off-again/on-again public linux web site on a debian server from my home since 1995. There have roughly been three iterations of the web site: an old yahoo like index of hundreds, if not thousands of linux related links to other sites; the lottalinuxlinks.com linux user podcast; and finally just a plain old web blog around the time I was president of the SouthEast LinuxFest. Each of the versions of this site had a couple of things in common: they were each sort of a lame home brew thing, and they each died (the first two deaths were slow affairs, the third was more abrupt).

Of the three, the podcast was the most fun; I did that for six years. It was fun, and at times I miss it. It wasn’t all that time consuming really, but I felt a pressure to create. I am not sure why, maybe it was the subscription model of rss feeds, but it always made me feel bad when I didn’t produce content on a regular basis. I compensated for a lack of regular content in the later years of the podcast by occasionally appearing on other podcast where I didn’t have to do any real work, just talk.

Last year I set up a gopher site, and played around posting a few things there. Inspired somewhat by having a gopher server, coupled with some extra free time (thank you covid), I thought I would resurrect the web site a little. Maybe I will just mirror the gopher stuff, maybe I will post things that are more easily served via http, maybe it will die a slow death, maybe I’ve not thought this through enough–maybe I’m just bored. Whatever I end up doing here, I guess it doesn’t matter; it’s my server and my time.

Anyway, maybe I’ll dig out my old audio recorder and record myself rambling on about something during my commute. If I do, I’ll just stick it here, or maybe on the gopher server –no schedule, no subscriptions, no pressure, no editing, maybe no show notes. Even if no one ever listens, it might be fun.